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Please post more of your work, it's amazing! very inspiring

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Beacon it's so Awesome..... in a scale of 1-10 Beacon give a 13... really awesome and fun

PD: Perdon si no lo escribi bien... no hablo mucho ingles :'v

Se entiende krnal no te awites :v

(aunque si esta un poco butchereado tu inglish xd

Beacon is awesome. Just fun to mess around with when you are bored. Super-relaxing too. 11/10

So good to hear, thank you! :)


I played your game on my Twitch channel You can find a replay of the stream here: Check the description on the video to jump to your game

Simple question: Why no Linux release? (amd64 or i386 binary + data in a tar.gz). If its simple, we can usually do the job ourselves or run it under WINE, but some native support would be nice.

48h, switching platforms requires reimports of all assets which takes some time in Unity. If I get around to it, I'll try to build for linux (though I currently have no machine to test it on), just wasn't really a priority during the jam itself.

Thanks a ton, the game looks really neat. You could also simply write a script to execute the binary under Wine. but i dunno how well that will work, as this probably uses directx

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Really cool and relaxing.  Only issue I found was that the beacon thing in the center could hide obstacles behind it sometimes.  Fix that and I could play this for hours.  

This is amazing and beautiful. Loved the candylike texture to everything!

Mesmerizing stuff, took an effort to be able to stop playing the game :-p

Looks beautiful. 
You mentioned a screensaver function (in jest). Would it be possible to release it as an actual screensaver? I think it would be neat.

Took a while to alter and add some settings screen, but ok, released as a screensaver as well, you can download it next to the game build here on the game page! In the settings, you can unmute/mute the music, default should be muted since I guess most people prefer screensavers silent.

No installer though, read the included readme.txt for how to set it up in windows (never made a screensaver before, hope it will work as expected).

Thanks! I just set it up and it works :)

(windows 10)

Very beautiful and well done! Congrats.


Really lovely